Tuesday, 30 June 2015



St. Venant’s Principle

  • The stresses reasonably distant from an applied load on a boundary are not significantly altered if this load is changed to a Statically Equivalent Load. The distribution of stress and strain is altered only near the regions of load application
  • FEA Which Includes with a large number of parts, the new Submodeling feature allows you to improve the results at critical areas without having to rerun the analysis for the whole model. Refining the mesh for a selected portion of the model and rerunning the analysis only for the submodel saves computation time.

Key Benefits of Submodeling

  • Transfer of Complex Global Loads from the entire structure to Local Regions  to obtain Accurate Stress in a Local Region.
  • Enables to experiment with Different Designs for the Region of Interest by refining mesh on the particular part
  • Rerunning the analysis only for the submodel saves computation time