Tuesday, 23 February 2016



SOLIDWORKS has launched a new Service pack update of SOLIDWORKS 2016. Check out, the all new SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP 2.0

Visit the link below to explore the SP 2.0 release document.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Understanding the Role Of Assembly Visualization

Assembly Visualization
Assembly Visualization provides different ways to display and sort an assembly's components in a list and in the graphics area. If you want a more detailed look at the rebuild time of individual components, Assembly Visualization found under the Evaluate tab is the way to go. This tool allows you to look at your assembly in many different ways.

It helps to sort the list by one property at a time or create more complex sorting scenarios involving several different properties. Basic calculated numerical data such as component mass, density, and volume are available in the tool. Additionally, customized criteria can also be created which are dependent on several numerical values.

In some cases it is necessary to define non calculated properties such as Vendor or Status in the component files, those properties can also be accessed for modification and sorting. Properties from SOLIDWORKS Sustainability are also available. In the graphics area, the software applies colors to the components based on the value of the property you are sorting by. The colors helps to visualize the relative value of the property for each component.

Assembly Visualization Tab
From the Assembly Visualization tab it is easy to rank components based on the values of their custom properties, and activate a spectrum of colors that reflects the relative values of the properties for each component.

The Assembly Visualization tab  in the Feature Manager design tree panel contains a list of all components in the assembly, sorted initially by file name. There are three columns:
  • File name
  • Quantity
  • Property (initially Mass)
Rather than these default columns the user can also choose the required properties and sort the components accordingly.

Benefits Of Assembly Visualization:
  • Editing Property Values for component material and other non-calculated properties directly from the Assembly Visualization list.
  • Colorizing the Model that will help to visualize and compare the value of the sorting property for each component.
  • Assembly Visualization Tab you can rank components based on the values of their custom properties, and activate a spectrum of colors that reflects the relative values of the properties for each component.
  • Custom Column Dialog Box using custom and configuration-specific properties defined in the component files. You can create equations involving those properties, and use the results to sort components.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Detecting Overridden Dimension

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

  • SolidWorks Design Checker verifies design elements such as 
  • Dimensioning Standards 
  • Fonts, Materials 
  • Sketches 
to ensure that SOLIDWORKS documents meet pre-defined design criteria

Adding SolidWorks Design Checker to SOLIDWORKS

  • Click Tools > Add-ins.
  • Select SolidWorks Design Checker , then click OK.
  • Click Tools > Design Checker.
  • Click Create a “New Standards File” 
  • Select Overridden Dimension
  • Save File as a “Standards file“ (*.swstd format)

To Check active document

  • Click Tools > Check Active Document
  • Add The (*.swstd) file to check
  • Select Check document  
  • All the “Overridden Dimension are highlighted dynamically
  • Perform the desired operation