Thursday, 4 May 2017

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Feature Delighters

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces some great new capabilities that make the design process even more productive. Even the simplest looking design can be visually complex and hard to interpret, due to high amounts of internal detail. SOLIDWORKS 2017 delivers a great new capability for increasing visual clarity, when working in a section view. Now the sectioned geometry of any component or body can be displayed transparent, enabling you to maintain complete visualisation of geometry hidden by the section plane. Using the new property manager option, simply select the components, and set the level of transparency, now it’s even easier to interpret complex designs.

It’s often necessary to have to model the physical Threads on holes and shafts, for applications such as digital simulation and 3D Printing. SOLIDWORKS Thread feature is a great time saver for modelling Threads in one quick and easy to use command. New for SOLIDWORKS 2017, the Thread Feature now provides the option to automatically trim the start and end faces. Plus a new multi start option removes the need for any additional feature patterns, now detailed threads can be created in seconds.

And that’s not all. Now when creating swept features in SOLIDWORKS 2017, in addition to sketch geometry, faces, edges, and curves can now all be used to define the sweep profile. In this example selecting the end face of the thread completely eliminates the extra step of creating a profile sketch for each run out. With SOLIDWORKS 2017 creating swept geometry is now easier than ever. Patterning features has been core part of the SOLIDWORKS modelling toolset from day 1, and is an essential technique for reducing time and effort when creating geometry.

In SOLIDWORKS 2017 creating patterned geometry has got even quicker. Now when creating a Circular Pattern you have the option to pattern in not just one but both directions at the same time. Controlling the second direction is simple using the already familiar spacing options, or just select Symmetric to create a mirrored pattern. Now you can create all the circular pattern geometry you need with far less effort.

With all these great new capabilities, SOLIDWORKS 2017 helps you to reduce your design cycle time without compromising productivity.