Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Cranes - Design to Manufacturing Solutions from SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Solutions in every Stage of Crane Design & Development Process: 
  • Modular type of Designs can be created for Cranes, which are easily upgradeable to new technology
  • Rendering of Design Concepts for Marketing and Order win by reduced time to Market
  • Robust Design practice that will ensure fulfilment of essential safety requirements and adequate service life of components
  • Families of standard products that are able to be quickly customized to customer requirements
  • Reduce/eliminate physical prototypes with Virtual Simulation Support and Automated Reports
  • Improved reliability & Safety at the user end through FOS validation, Buckling & Vibration Analysis
  • Best in class Validation of Weld Strength, Bolt Connections and Support Members 

  • Seismic validation & Wind Analysis of Crane setup to eradicate failures in joints & members
  • Electrical Routing & Tubing Designs including line Diagrams and Schematics can be achieved
  • Design Optimization & Structural Optimization to reduce cost yet maintaining the Strength 
  • Accuracy and repeatability of Mechanism for Crane action & Leverage
  • Automated Wiring and Control Circuit Design that Comply to Industry Standards
  • Technical Documentation like Maintenance Procedures, Inspection Checklist, Repairs & Replacement Procedures can be obtained 
  • Management of Project Data and reuse of the same, in a controlled environment
  • Failure mode Effect analysis Replication, to Ensure design Performance
  • Mass Balancing, Even Distribution of Loads and maintaining Equilibrium