Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Replace Wires With Equipotential In SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Replacing Wires with Equipotential
Existing wires can be replaced with wires of a different style selected from the Wire Style

Propagation to Equipotential

All wires connected directly to the selected wire or wires will be replaced with Proper
Equipotential properties.

The Wire Style manger (Figure 1) shows the wires with different style.

(Figure1. Wire style manager)

In the below Power circuit, the default Power wires (N L1 L2 L3) are replaced with the
custom power wire (Power_Phase 1) created in the Wire style manager.

(Figure2. Wires with Default Wire style manager)

Select the wires to be replaced and click “Propagation to Equipotential” under Replacement
range in Replace wire Style shown below (Figure 3)

(Figure3. Replacement range with Propagation to Equipotential)

The above-selected default Power wires (N L1 L2 L3) are replaced with new Power wire
(Power_Phase 1) with proper propagation to Equipotential (Figure 4)

This type of wire replacement will make your design faster and nullify the manual errors.


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