Friday, 4 September 2015

Latest Trends In CAD Industries

Since the evolution of 3d printing technology, creation of complex models have become an easy task for many industries. It is now possible to print and create various sizes from an eagle's beak to a dream car. Solidworks offers 3D Printing solutions , so that we can bring our ideas to life as 3D printed prototypes , just like the way we print documents in our office printer.

Solidworks can also output .STL and AMF Formats that provide more information about the model being printed. No post-processing is required to define data such as the position of your model relative to the selected 3D printer, orientation, color, materials, etc.

Mobile access - CAD is a new emerging trend that reflects the mobile application technology and impact of seamless communication to handle 2D & 3D design data across your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Design on the go just got better with eDrawings mobile app. Solidworks eDrawings enables you, to take your designs to the next level of 2D and 3D collaboration with increased interactivity, including dynamic cross section views, measurements, markups and annotations, and the ability to share your design files via email.


Accessing the CAD / Non-CAD data over Web for various needs like Approval , state change within a department , Quick search and Model Preview has been a new trend of relief for suppliers/users staying outside the organisation or on a business trip.

Chaos Faced by Design Firms:
  • Design data security
  • Projects File organization and File Search
  • Handling outdated versions of design
Solidworks Enterprise PDM eradicates the above chaos and protects your valuable design assets through centralized file storage and electronic workflow. Enterprise PDM Web2 is a Web portal that lets users connect to an Enterprise PDM vault from most devices for data handling , viewing, searching and approval. Mobile version of Web2 comes handy for Smartphone users .

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