Monday, 12 April 2021


3DEXPERIENCE platform is a cloud-based environment that connects your product development process from design through manufacturing and delivery. It unites entire organization from design and manufacturing to service and marketing under one collaborative platform.

Collaborative Business Innovator

 It is a Role allows you to create dashboards too quickly and share essential product development data such as key performance indicators, files etc. with executives and customers securely .It is the ONE PLACE for all of your product development needs. This Collaborative Business Innovator Contains Applications




With the above mentioned apps you can easily create communities to share and collaborate on ideas, topics of interest and projects. Share information with stakeholders in real time just as you would on any social platform. Post updates and requests for feedback, engage with ideas, and view and comment on designs regardless of your location. 

Applications available in CBI role:


The dashboard is the layout of the web page. It is a holistic view on any topic or activity, gathering content from various sources. It contains of tabs, each tab containing widgets. Even it can be customized and it can be shared with other users.

Netvibes Reader

Feed Reader is an App compatible with the Pin to 3DDashboard feature.

Feed Reader enables you to read articles published by an RSS feed. It can be used in conjunction with Social Analytic, Tracked Topic and Potion. It supplies the 6WTags with a list of facets that can be displayed.

3D Drive

Think of this as Dropbox or Google Drive, but fully application oriented. It works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS through an add-in with the desktop version of SOLIDWORKS. Even you can connect it with file explorer. You can easily share the 3D drive content with other users through links.

3D Play

3D Drive offers an intuitive navigation experience on several platforms. You can also use 3DPlay to visualize 2D content. Even you can use 3DPlay with standard as well as with touch devices, and with some mobile devices.

3D Swym

3DSwym application is at the heart of the 3D Experience platform and is the gateway to collaboration within your business. You can post ideas and concepts and interact with them as things progress from concept to reality. Even you can posts questions to get opinions from the people who belong to your communities.