Sunday, 23 May 2021

Validate Your Electrical Cable Routing Digitally with SolidWorks Electrical

Electrical System Design has progressed to the point that today every designer uses and practices Design Automation and 3D tools to eliminate manual tasks such as Reports, Documentation, and Physical mockups. Also, Electrical Design engineers are started exploring their work in 3D areas such as Control Panel Design,

Cable Tray Routing, Wire routing, and Wire harness; it helps them recognize and rectify design flaws in the early stages, cross – team collaboration, and most important it saves the company a lot of money. We can now generate separate cable routing assemblies in SolidWorks Electrical 2021, allowing us to route cables more effectively and quickly on our designs.

To Activating the separate routing assembly parameter for a cable:

Step 1:

Go the project tab, click Cables

Step 2:

Select one ore more cables from cable manager

Step 3:

Click the properties and enable the Separate 3D route assembly option

Step 4:

Goto SolidWorks Electrical 3D toolbar, click Route Cables

Step 5:

Open the Cable selector, click Selected Cables > Select Cables. The Separate route column displays the status of the Separate 3D route assembly

Step 6:

Start the Cable Routing

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