Tuesday, 31 October 2017

SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Renumbering Unused Wires

Now, let’s take a look on Ref [Fig 1] section of wires. If one of these wires is deleted, redrawn and numbered. Previously it would not look for the lowest available mark and automatically take the highest existing mark and increment by one. In this case, that would be 9 Ref [Fig 3.1].

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018, now you can control this default response not just for wires, can also for cables and components as well. In the Wire and component numbering dialog box, for Assign unused mark, select Wires and equipotentials, Cables, or Components Ref [Fig 2]. If you enable any of these options, on renumber the software will use the first available mark from 0. Here it will now use 6 Ref [Fig 3.2], the first unused mark after 0.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3.1 Before 2018 Enhancement

Fig 3.2 After 2018 Enhancement