Sunday, 17 January 2016



SOLIDWORKS Plastics is used for both part designers and mold designers. In this blog, you can get information on how this technology can help in creating and optimizing parts, single and multi cavity and family mold layouts.


  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics most useful for Injection Molding setup organization.
  • Validate and visualize the melted Plastic Flow on the parts and molds.
  • Improvise the part quality by predicting manufacturing defects in the initial stages of the design.
  • Have alternate polymer material selection during the design phase using plastic simulation
  • Create variations among your plastic designs and test virtually before the manufacturing stage.

Steps involved in testing your Plastic Parts:

  1. Draft Analysis
  2. Meshing
  3. Applying Polymer (Material)
  4. Gate Location
  5. Run the Analysis
  6. Results
  7. Report Generation

SOLIDWORKS Plastics contains vast material and polymer database with multiple classification among the materials. Each and every class of material contains in built temperature curves, pressure curves etc. Gate location involves the entry point for the melted plastic flow. Multiple Gate location can also be provided based on the feasibility and complexity of the part.

Fill time Plot represents the time taken to fill the plastic component. Using this plot, we can also find whether the part gets fully filled. The cooling time based on the temperature parameters can also be analyzed and the approximate time to cool the part can be predicted in the initial validation stage. The part validation also involves the prediction of Air Traps, Sink Marks and Weld Lines. Each and every result can be exported and visualized as a document and in an animated video format.


  • Predict and Avoid Injection molding manufacturing defects
  • To eliminate costly mold rework
  • Improve Part quality
  • Accelerate time to market

Friday, 8 January 2016

Ease your Material Handling Design with SOLIDWORKS

Challenges faced in Design of Material Handling Systems

  • Visualising Complex Designs
  • Increased design cycle time
  • Product quality and performance
  • Design reuse and configurable Designs
  • Increased Material costs & warranty costs

How to address these challenges

  • Transition from 2D to 3D and visualizing large assembly designs
  • Reduce design cycle by Automating Design Process
  • Improve product quality and performance by identifying hotspots
  • Modular Design and Design interference Checks
  • Weight reduction and load carrying capacity determination
  • Ensure reliability and safety as per standards
 EGS India | SOLIDWORKS Reseller

SOLIDWORKS Solutions in Action 

  • Solidworks Solutions boosts innovation to make Companies more profitable and more productive.
  • Solidworks Simulation stands aside Design Team to Virtually test at early stages of design process
  • Design Automation Tools like Driveworksxpress and Solidworks API improves performance and captures knowledge to be used continually.
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  • Design optimization Tool suggests alternatives to offset the material cost and Optimizes design for size, weight and efficiency
  • Eliminates errors and reduces development costs
Explore new ideas, innovative concepts and better ways of doing 
things through Solidworks Solutions.