Wednesday, 11 September 2019

DraftSight 2019 – New and Improved Features for 2D CAD Users

          DraftSight 2019 (Professional and Enterprise Editions) has had exciting new features and improvements that would be useful to the 2D CAD users who create Drawings (DWG) files compatible with AutoCAD.

New Features in DraftSight 2019
ü Using _VECTORIZE_IMAGE Command, a user can convert raster image in BMP, JPEG, PNG format into vectorized line entities.  This Image Tracing ability improves productivity for Raster to Vector Conversion requirements.
This is ideally suited for architectural floor plans, logos and simple images using curves.
üGenerate 2D Floor plan Drawings from 3D Data sets created in HomeByMe web-based design application (.DSHBM File format) used for home and space planning, using DSHOMEBYME Command.
üIMPORTSVG enables a user to import SVG format files into DraftSight and insert it as a block.
üPre-defined Frames and Title Blocks are provided, according to Engineering Standard and can be used using the TB_FRAME command by the user specifying the size and scale.
üBLOCKATTRIBUTEMANAGER enables the user to Manage Block Attribute Properties and settings in Block Definitions.
üTable Cells can now use formulae with arithmetic operators along with Count, Sum and Average functions (establishing a relationship with values from other cells).
üTrim and PowerTrim commands can now be used to trim Hatches and Gradients including associativity while using the Divide option.
üMoving entities by click and drag with the mouse are now easy and simple.
üLaser Cutter output can have line-width control using the hairline option for printout

New Improvements in DraftSight 2019
üCENTERMARK command improves the display of center marks according to standards
üViewport Layer Freezing, freezes specified layers in new viewports on layout sheets or freezes selected layers only in the current layout viewport
üHigh resolution (4K) Display friendly SVG scalable icons for User interface
ü3D Mouse support for 2D and 3D Drawings in DraftSight environment – very high productivity for users with simultaneous pan and zoom (for drawings) and rotate for models.
üImport and Attach tools unified in a new ribbon tab for ease of use

Enhances in DraftSight 2019 API
üEnhancements include
üGet toolbar ID
üInsert and modify curved text
üAccess and modify custom entity
üEnhancements to existing options for exporting drawing models or sheets to PDF files.

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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Automated Technical Data Management

          Using Paperless automation easy access to documents from anywhere in the world which will keep you to track on with proper business operations. seamless communication between employees is always in the updated data.
Impacts :
  • Workflow automation not only streamlines your business processes but also helps you to cutoff costs.
  • Manual documentation will be a time-consuming process. Time is money! Just imagine how much time you could save and use it elsewhere in productively- if documents were located quickly.
  • Manual data entry is usually plagued with human errors that cost time and money. Workflow automation solutions help you to eliminate human errors, thus boosting your business process.
  • With automated technical data management is in use, you can track what tasks have been completed, by who and when. Records are kept throughout the process. Legacy data plays a huge role in your business.
  • Documents can easily be shared among colleagues and accessed from multiple locations. Work doesn’t have to be limited to office environments.
  • Streamlined automation integrates with the project management system enables you to assign work and easily monitor the overall progress.
Final word
          Automation is no longer the future of business, but the way to go for today’s business should immediately adopt workflow automation solutions. But one thing is clear; using a manual system in a digital world is a race to the bottom.


Thursday, 22 August 2019

How to Get Realistic Output in Less Time - SOLIDWORKS Visualize

The fastest and easiest way to create Realistic Photo Content with time-saving features.

          To improve concepts that are viewed throughout the design, development and marketing phases. SOLIDWORKS visualize helps the user to select, validate, improve and sell the best and most robust design concept before committing expensive engineering, prototyping, and marketing re-source to the projects. It helps to reduce errors and ensures product get to the market faster, improving engineering design and sales review, helps to make more educated final decision which in turns drastically reduce cost and reduce the number of physical prototype that helps to achieve much more efficiently delivering the rendered content to marketing to promote new products via online or as a presentation content which allows added time saving for more design results in overall better final product.

  • Without SOLIDWORKS Visualize the resultant will be like manufacturing the user end product which consumes series of time in its process.
  • With SOLIDWORKS Visualize you can streamline this series of the process into a parallel process which reduces the time by forty percentage.
Hybrid Render Mode

SOLIDWORKS Visualize can make use of both GPU and CPU are simultaneously known as a hybrid mode in a single machine, which dramatically improves the performance of rendering time. Which allows a budget-friendly workstation to generate content in a faster manner.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy Mode Interface - An Simplified User Interface with five-button which allows non CAD users in less time to create the photo content.

Cad Live-Update

Now we can re-import models in our project, allows us to reduce the time taken for rework which makes the user change the parts that have already change in the 3D cad model

Artificial Intelligence Denoiser

With AI Denoiser we can improve the rendering time by ten times allows us to create the photorealistic content, interactive animation, and 360-degree spins, The output of 500 passes can be achieved by only using 50passes which is time effective.


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Replace Wires With Equipotential In SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Replacing Wires with Equipotential
Existing wires can be replaced with wires of a different style selected from the Wire Style

Propagation to Equipotential

All wires connected directly to the selected wire or wires will be replaced with Proper
Equipotential properties.

The Wire Style manger (Figure 1) shows the wires with different style.

(Figure1. Wire style manager)

In the below Power circuit, the default Power wires (N L1 L2 L3) are replaced with the
custom power wire (Power_Phase 1) created in the Wire style manager.

(Figure2. Wires with Default Wire style manager)

Select the wires to be replaced and click “Propagation to Equipotential” under Replacement
range in Replace wire Style shown below (Figure 3)

(Figure3. Replacement range with Propagation to Equipotential)

The above-selected default Power wires (N L1 L2 L3) are replaced with new Power wire
(Power_Phase 1) with proper propagation to Equipotential (Figure 4)

This type of wire replacement will make your design faster and nullify the manual errors.


Saturday, 29 June 2019

Effective Design and Manufacture of Valve using SOLIDWORKS

  • Parametric 3D Modelling helps in maintaining the Design Intent of Valves.
  • Completely Associative (Part, Assembly & Drawing) which reduces the most of time and effort during design revisions.
  • Ease creation of Complex Shaped Valves with use of SOLIDWORKS Commands like Loft, Sweep, Boundary, Multi-body, Surface Tools, etc.,
  • Creation and managing of similar valve components with various sizes, geometries, and features can be done with no time.
  • In-built availability of Valve components which reduces design cycle time in assembling of Standard products
  • Wide range of Standard material database is available and custom made material can also be incorporated
  • Various attributes like Mass, Center of Gravity (C.O.G) can be evaluated based on the material property in a single click

  • Easy collaboration with customer legacy data with a editable feature history tree
  • Both internal and external Communication of CAD data becomes much easier through SolidWorks e-Drawings

  • Integrated Mold design and productivity tools which helps in creation of molds for Valve Components with ease of creating Parting lines, Interlocks, Tool Splitting’s etc.,
  • Insertion of Dimensions and Tolerances had become Automatic and User friendly with use of SOLIDWORKS Dimxpert.
  • Agile process of pre-analysis for mold like Geometry Analysis, Symmetry Analysis, Thickness Analysis, and Draft Analysis helps in seamless creation and import of CAD data.
  • Error free Assembly creation is possible with features like Interference Check, Hole Alignment, Clearance Check and Assembly Transparency.
  • Animation of exploding an assembly can be captured and saved in a video format and the same can added as a view during detailing
  • Manufacturing drawings can be generated automatically with PMI data
  • Various tables like Bill of Materials (B.O.M), Weld table, Revision Table can be generated automatically


Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Do More than Just Visualize with Assembly Visualization

Ever since its introduction in SOLIDWORKS 2010, Assembly Visualization has been a excellent tool to display components in an assembly based on different criteria using colors.

Assembly Visualization can be used as an interactive BOM in which you can see file name, quantity, mass, material, volume, density etc.,

²Add colors to visualize the model property values.

²You can add new columns to show other properties of the model.

Lets just add a new column to link SW-Material


²You can sort the assembly visualization based on the properties in different columns.

²Another great option available inside Assembly Visualization is we can directly apply materials to parts.

²Use the Rollback bar to show only necessary components in Assembly Visualization
²Other Tree options

²Starting from SOLIDWORKS 2018, you can directly access Performance Analysis option inside Assembly Visualization.

And sort based on Graphics Triangle, Open time, rebuild time.

²Another great option is that you can save this style. Instead of adding/editing the new column, you can load this style for future display of Assembly Visualization

²You can also save this as Excel, Text or PDF and publish this a Bill of Materials as Top-level, Parts only or Indented.

  With Assembly Visualization you can evaluate you assembly performance and sort by component properties and more.


Sunday, 19 May 2019

Segway an Analysis through SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

DDM - A better Approach to PDM

          DDM is a low cost multi-CAD, PDM/PLM solution that’s easy to implement, easy to integrate and user-friendly, giving you a quick turnaround on your investment.

We are changing perceptions of PDM & PLM

  • Product Lifecycle Management & revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents and even more solutions can capture through powerful Multi CAD data management with lowest cost.
  • The main simple terms which focuses mainly on DDM like efficient implementation, fun and speed, configurable adaptability, multiple system collaborations and majorly on price".

DDM Product Module

DDM CAD [Editor]

  • Whilst focusing on ease of use and keeping data management uncomplicated, DDM has an access to control and secure the data which is more powerful and built in tools.
  • It takes minimal time for searching and seeking for files which has been generated in our 3D CAD application and enable us to focus more on design.
  • Automatic thumbnail and PDF generation
  • Configurable auto-numbering
  • Revision control CAD parts, assemblies and drawings
  • You can always trust the data in DDM is up to date.

DDM Office [Contributor]
  • DDM Office: Helps to access, update and review all our information to maintain the day to day document and project data management.
  • DDM Office can be used for non-design staff to access design information and view CAD parts and drawings which are saved in PDF format allowing information to flow freely between departments.
Key Features and Benefits

  • Bill of Materials and Enterprise Update Manager
  • Full Document Management
  • Graphical Workflow Tool
  • Powerful search and retrieval facility
  • Guarantee you are working on the latest information
  • Avoid duplication of effort and information

DDM Web [Viewer] 
  • We ensure data integrity and secure access
  • Get access to your data 24/7 from a web browser
  • Real time sharing of data on a global scale
  • Little to no user training requirement

Major Features and Benefits