Tuesday, 12 October 2021


3DEXPERIENCE platform is a cloud-based environment that connects your product development process from design through manufacturing and delivery. It unites entire organization from design and manufacturing to service and marketing under one collaborative platform.

Collaborative Industry Innovator

It is a Role which provides a scalable, online environment for managing product design, multi physics simulation and manufacturing process planning with maximum traceability and flexibility.


With the above mentioned apps you can easily create communities to share and collaborate on ideas, topics of interest and projects. Share information with stakeholders in real time just as you would on any social platform.Post updates and requests for feedback, engage with ideas, and view and comment on designs regardless of your location.

Collaborative Lifecycle      


It provides commands to manage objects' lifecycle (from creation to deletion) and collaboration (manage concurrent access to objects) and you can Creating revisions, branches and duplicates, Changing the maturity state of objects, Deleting content, Sharing content with other users.

Collaborative Tasks          


It lets you to Keep a personal "to do" list or project list, Organize your tasks in the 3DExperience platform on a responsive Kanban board, Do task board tagging and filtering with "6W Tagging", Create tasks and indicate task completion in a quick way, Work with team tasks and assign tasks to team members; change completion status and due dates, Add deliverable, related items, and projects to tasks, Send email notifications to users when assigned and unassigned from tasks, Create comments about a task, reply to comments, and endorse all comments.



It enables you to identify differences between structures, metadata, and 3D geometry. You can compare content types of the same kind. The structure comparison lets you identify differences between:

  • Two different objects or two filtered structures
  • An object and one of its revisions or duplicates 
  •  An object and one of the filters created on the same revision

Document Management            



Document Management includes lists of documents, and provides access to the document content and details.


IP Classify and Reuse    


It provides an efficient way to view and search classified items in a collaborative work environment. You can also classify and declassify content using this widget.

Issue 3D Review             



It lets you identify and visually analyze issues with 3D context to facilitate early discovery problems for downstream processes.The general workflow for issues follows this process:

  •  A problem is discovered from design review, manufacturing, or in the field.
  •  An issue is created with contextual information, reported against an object, and assigned to a responsible person and organization.
  •  Cross organizational teams collaborate to resolve the issue.
  •  The issue is closed with the right information or the start of a formal change process.

Issue management             



Issue Management lists issues you have access to, and lets you create new issues. Whenever an action occurs on an issue that involves you, such as being assigned to the issue or mentioned in a comment, you receive a notification in 3DNotification. When you click the link in the notification, Issue Management opens the information tabs for the issues showing the ID card and properties.

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