Friday, 17 September 2021

Inserting Sheet Metal Bend Notes in 3D Views using SOLIDWORKS MBD

MBD is the practice of creating the necessary details for manufacturing and inspecting parts and assemblies in a 3D CAD model as a unique solution for 2D drawings.

Bend tables stores the properties for a assigned material. A table that lets you associate a bend allowance, bend radius, or a k-factor with any combination of thickness, bend radius, and material.

Steps to generate bend table:

Step 1 - Open a sheet metal model


Step2 - Make flat pattern


 Step 3 - Right click on flat pattern option


 In a sheet metal part, Right click on the flat pattern and select the ‘Insert bend notes’ option. The flat pattern includes all the bend notes on the flattened view. It also includes the bounding box in the 2D Flat pattern view for the for ease of reference.

Step 4 - Inserting bend notes


Step 5 - Selecting “Bend Tables” in tables option