Friday, 20 July 2018

Design Better Agricultural Equipment Using SOLIDWORKS

Agricultural Equipment Design 

Agriculture manufacturers need to innovate and require more collaborative development relationships, data reuse, modular design, and systems prefabrication.

Latest Trends In Agricultural Industry

• Provide more design customization to meet specific customer needs
• Reduce/eliminate physical prototypes
• Improve reliability, accuracy and repeatability
• Modular machines that are easily upgradeable to new technology
• Families of standard products that are able to be quickly customized to customer requirements

Challenges faced by Agricultural Industry 

• Increased competitive landscape demands shorter time-to-market
• Delays due to assembly interference issues, incorrect BOM’s and design changes late in the development process
• Visualization and management of large assembly designs
• Quickly develop new design variations
• Due to lack of design communication lot of rework and scrap occurs.

SOLIDWORKS Solutions Proposed 

• Productive workforce (especially in suppliers) who can work easily with OEM data
• Higher quality designs. Ability to create and leverage virtual prototypes.
• Ability to design in the manufacturing version of a product, especially for sheet metal
• CAM integration important and output of accurate 3D models
Simulation: Check performance (motion, stress, Mechatronics, etc.) – extensive use because of high volume concerns
• Portable data format which can be used to communicate with customers and partners.
• Leveraging existing designs for new projects can dramatically help to keep costs at a minimum during the design process.

Benefits of Implementing SOLIDWORKS 

• Reduce development cycle time
• Increase product innovation
• Improved quality and minimized design errors
• One stop solution for changing needs
• Enhanced design communications with existing & prospective customers
• Shortened time required to make design changes by 90 percent.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Testimonial:

“The speed with which I can churn out sheet metal designs with SOLIDWORKS has surprised our fabricator, who said my output is more than what three of his designers could produce. That’s the type of productivity that is helping grow the company.”

Mr. Kevin Bouwman, General Manager