Sunday, 10 February 2019

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Elevators from Concept Design to Manufacturing

Elevator Design using SOLIDWORKS

  • Design of layouts and manufacture components for the elevators in a short time
  • Evaluation of pre assembly motion mechanisms can be done using a 2D block sketches at design stage 
  • Supporting structural members can be developed based on the layout with the defined Cutlist information
  • Design changes based on the spaces and people accommodation will helps to respond the customer quotation as soon as possible
  • Global standard fasteners can be imported directly from the design library and no scratch design is required
  • BOM reports can be generated instantly for procurement team for outsourcing
  • Kinematics of the lift mechanism can be analysed and reported automatically
  • Virtual testing of the lift will eliminate the expensive prototype methodology
  • Dynamic analysis of sudden impact loads can be performed 
Assembly catalogue
Load test simulation
  • Complete package of predefined electrical manufacturer and schematic symbol library to make an agile design
  • Elevator power systems can be designed in a collaborative environment with E-CAD and M-CAD 
  • Manufacture drawings can be released in a more interactive way of digital approach and paperless for the greener environment
  • Aligning of design datum in a single hub and accessing in a structured manner to use and work with updated design
  • Creation of technical communication deliverables for elevators like Part catalogues, on site installation manuals, maintenance manuals, assembly manuals etc..
  • Delivering aesthetic and stylish looks of elevator interiors for marketing and sales to meet the world class visualisation


Friday, 8 February 2019

Forklift - SOLIDWORKS Solution Right from Efficient Design to Manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS Solutions in every Stage of Forklift Design & Development Process:

  • Concept design of forklift right from the 3D design to the market
  • Standard component like chains and sprocket are available in Toolbox & 3d content center
  • Paperless drawing for the manufacturing process in a 3D predefined view
  • Technical documents for the maintains and service engineer can be easily developed
  • Rendering the 3D design will give us how the product will look in the real world which will be useful for marketing the product even before the production
  • Electrical wiring and routing connections can also be done along with mechanical integration for the forklift machine
  • Effective communication of the design can be done by sharing the design through eDrawing file format where the end user doesn’t need any design software to view
  • The analysis of the load carrying capacity of the forklift can be done even before production
  • Optimization of material and design can be performed without compromising on the working functionality
  • Structural stability of the product can be validated through buckling analysis
  • Virtual validation to simulate the structural mechanism of each operations
  • Maximum safe load limit can be analyzed on various possible working environment
  • Vehicle stability can be analyzed with Centre of Gravity option using SOLIDWORKS Motion
  • The injection molding process can be virtually validated for the plastic parts to efficiently design the product and mold.