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How to Work from home on your Design using SolidWorks?

          There are many situations and probabilities where we are finding it necessary to work from Home on our design to complete our task, which distinct Possibility becomes for most of us each day.

          Since many countries are in lockdown in an effort to control the spread of pandemic Corona Virus COVID-19, many people all around the world are supposed to work from home to undergo their Design and Development. We as EGS and SolidWorks community, ensure our customers wanted to continue their work productively and efficiently using SolidWorks irrespective of the workplace.

          There are a variety of toolsets in SolidWorks which help us to work, though we are out of Office. Let's begin,

SolidWorks Licensing:

Solidworks License plays an important role in work on software. Solidworks has 2 types of licensing,
  1. SolidWorks Standalone license
  2. SolidWorks Network License

SolidWorks Standalone License:

          In SolidWorks standalone licensing type the license will be installed and activated in a static machine, probably which would be an office Desktop (Primary Machine). In the event of Work From Home (WFH), the user needs the license to be activated in the home PC (Secondary Machine) or in his Laptop to get an uninterrupted work. Now let's see how this license can be transferred from the Primary Machine to Secondary Machine.

Step1: (In the license activated machine) Go to Help ---> Deactivate License

The license will be deactivated from the Primary machine.

Step2: Then go to the secondary machine on which the license to be activated.

Step3: Once after installation of SolidWorks on the Home pc, open SolidWorks, it prompts you to activate the license.

Step4: Following the wizard will activate the license in the home PC. (Internet connection is needed to activate the license).

Now the user can work SolidWorks from Home using his secondary machine.

SolidWorks Network License SNL:

There are 2 ways to access the SNL from the Primary machine to Secondary machine.

          First, we can borrow a license from one machine to another machine for 30 days. The computer needs to be connected to the network temporarily until the license is borrowed and can then be disconnected and used remotely for a period of 30 days. The license can be sent back to the server once the time period is up.

          Secondly, we can access the Network license manager from the Primary machine to the Secondary machine through a VPN. We recommend you use the first method (Borrowing license) rather than connecting through VPN because the VPN setup should maintain constant MAC address or else license will get hung up if we disconnect and reconnect the VPN.

Access SolidWorks Data and other Data from Remote location using SolidWorks PDM:

          SolidWorks PDM Professional will help the users to access the Data from the remote location based on the Roles and Responsibilities provided by the Administrator. We need VPN access to your company's server to get this done. It includes the functionality to keep everyone connected, collaborated and communicated on the same data sets without overwriting the content.

          SolidWorks PDM Professional also has the WEB 2 interface to get connected from the outside sources. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional WEB 2 interface allows PC and mobile devices to access the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault. By providing the User Credentials, the user can only access the items which would relevant to them. We can also track their access using Powerful History and log files. We can entirely automate our process through SolidWorksPDM Professional.

To get more relevant information about SolidWorks PDM, kindly click the below link and explore -PDM-implementation-services.php

SolidWorks eDrawing:

          SolidWorks eDrawing is a communication tool for the stakeholders in the Design to Manufacture process as well as for the external prospects and the customers.

          CAD and non-CAD users can share their 3D models with mark-ups to their counterparts, customers, and Vendors to accelerate their design process. It also helps you to create review enabled eDrawing files that allow an unlimited number of recipients to mark -up and provide feedback on Product Design.

The New 3D Experience Platform:

          SolidWorks have now introduced a new platform called 3D Experience platform which has a set of tools to enable collaboration across disconnected design teams and there are multiple applications available that can help with this.

          With a single easy to use interface, it provides Industry Solution Experiences – based on 3D design, analysis, simulation, and intelligence software in a collaborative, interactive environment. It is available on-premise and on the cloud.

          It has multiple Apps available on the platform to improve the Design and Development process, based on the Roles like Business Innovator, Industry Innovator, 3D creator, 3D Sculptor, Project Planner, etc.

          3D Creator is a browser-based 3D modelling solution that enables designers and engineers to create, review and evaluate 3D models through easy-to-use parametric modelling capabilities that are built on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

          3D Creator complements SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with flexible design workflows and a seamless interchange of design data.

          Collaborative Business Innovator provides the applications and services to digitally connect employees, suppliers, customers, and consumers. It enables the teams to create dashboards and communities, aggregate and share data, and connect people and data in one place to empower collaboration, agility, and faster time to market.

          Industry Innovator enables the user to securely store, organize and manage the content and collaborate in real-time. It also connects the entire cross-functional team in the online environment. It stores your entire product IP including multi-CAD design data into one place.

          The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform includes a useful set of browser-based design tools like xDesign, a full 3D Modelling application, xShape, a freeform surface modeller and there is even advanced simulation tools and much more.

To explore more on this tool kindly click the below link, 

This concludes our blog on Work from home on your Design using SolidWorks. 
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