Monday, 21 March 2016

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Piping Design

SOLIDWORKS Routing Solutions give ample set of tools for creation of Pipe, Tube and Electrical route Designs. Piping Industry deals with complex routing lines, that are difficult to be predicted and Serviced. Design of these Piping Systems is also a tedious job, for the design engineer. 

SOLIDWORKS Automates the Way of Piping Design with solutions like Auto-Routing Capabilities and Dedicated Routing Library with Reusable Components like Flanges, Fittings, Equipments and Pipes of Different standards.

Piping Solutions from Solidworks:
  • Easy to Create 3D piping system designs, just by a 3d sketch
  • Auto-route capability & Designs can be easily edited according to assembly and service needs
  • Automatically generate piping manufacturing drawings from 3D models
  • Different Connections like butt welded, socket welded, threaded, and other connections are  available
  • Calculate cut lengths for all pipe and tube runs
  • Automate placement of supports and hangers for all lines
  • Share Output PCF files to other Softwares
  • Export tubing/piping bend tables to CNC benders
  • Automatically create bill of material (BOM), cut lists, bend tables, and other manufacturing documentation
  • Access a CAD library of piping and tubing components
  • Creation of custom piping/tubing components through the Routing Library Manager wizard

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