Friday, 29 April 2016

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Furniture Industries

Consumers are looking for furniture that are multi-purpose and technology-driven products specifically to meet individual requirements quickly at low cost. This has made design an important aspect in furniture industries to provide innovative, quality products and services that represent preferred solutions to customer needs.
Challenges Faced in Furniture Industries
  • Increased design cycle time and time to market
  • Reusable/convertible and modular design
  • Interference detection
  • Product quality and performance
  • Over engineering and scarp reduction
  • Product visualization
How to address these challenges
  • Design cycle time and time to market can be reduced by design automation
  • Ergonomic design and Design interference check
  • Product quality and performance can be increased by identifying stress concentration zone.
  • Weight reduction and load carrying capacity determination
  • First time right design approach
  • Product visualization through photo-realistic rendered image 

  • SolidWorks Built-in intelligence accelerates your design process thereby reducing the design time and time to market, the intuitive 3D design puts your focus on innovation and to adapt new market trends
  • SolidWorks simplifies advanced surface design to create sophisticated and ergonomic design with complex shapes much easier
  • With SolidWorks Design Automation tools like Driveworksxpress and SolidWorks API, designers can improve performance and generate infinite variations of a model.
  • SolidWorks interference tools help you verify whether your designs will fit and assemble, further interference checking finds issues early in design, giving you more time to make cost efficient models.
  • Design optimization Tool suggests alternatives to offset the material cost and Optimizes design for size, weight and efficiency
  • SolidWorks Visualize enable you to create photo realistic renderings and animations right from the 3D CAD model that can be used to enhance proposals, presentations, and submissions  

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