Friday, 16 December 2016

Confused With Wire/Cable Harnessing? - Harnessing Technology By SolidWorks Electrical

SolidWorks Electrical is an intuitive and powerful tool which takes care of wire and cable harness design and create the flattened view with automatic updated BOM/Cut.

Engineers need to put more thought into thinks like wire length, bending radius and routing. As wiring harness become increasingly complex and an important part of design we are in need of a powerful tool to ease our design process, this is where SolidWorks Electrical comes into play.

Today in Automotive sector there are many more computers and Electronic Control Units used in vehicles today. These ECU are used to control the transmission, and other major devices of the vehicle and they have to be connected via wire harness in order for the system to work

What is Wire Harness?
The wire harness is compactly bundled wire which plays as the conduit for transmission of control and power signals acting as the “Central Nervous System of a vehicle”.

When designing a new product, engineers focus mainly on functionality, features, styling, and cost. What they don’t always think about is the wiring part.
SolidWorksElectrical provides you the highly simplified auto-routing of wire, cables, and harness and generate their reports automatically and enables last minute harness design changes by utilizing advanced harness technology saving your design cycle time.

Benefits Attained:
  • Reduces the Harness Scrap
  • Reduced cost - accurate harness reports
  • With stand last minute Design changes


  1. Yeah! It's more important that, When designing a new product, engineers focus mainly on functionality, features, styling, and cost.

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