Monday, 16 March 2015

Best Design using SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION Standard

Which design works best? How do you know you have the best design?

When it comes to choosing the best design for your project, do you:
  • Go with your gut?
  • Cross your fingers and hope for the best?
  • Methodically test a series of expensive physical prototypes?
Now there is a better way.
Validate your designs before Prototype and manufacture Products, with design validation tools from SolidWorks Simulation. 


SolidWorks Simulation Standard is recently introduced by SolidWorks to enable every designer and engineer to simulate and analyze their product performance with fast, easy-to-use CAD-embedded analysis solution. It will also keep your investment low. 

 SolidWorks Simulation Standard can helps you to predict product performance accurately, while your in design stage itself and to speedup your design process, innovate faster, and more confident in the product performance.

SolidWorks Simulation Standard software is used to virtually test your new concepts, develop new designs, and reduce time to market your products. SolidWorks Simulation Standard gives you an intuitive virtual testing environment for linear static Analysis, Kinematic Analysis ( motion ) and fatigue Analysis, so you can answer common engineering challenges with SolidWorks 3D CAD embedded solution.

Problems solved using SolidWorks Simulation Standard:

  • Weld Failure Elimination

  • Analysis-to-test correlations for strains & Deflections
  • Deflection and Stress Calculations for Parts and Assemblies
  • Durability & Fatigue Life Prediction
  • Life Improvement for Equipments
  • Kinematic Simulation of Mechanisms
  • Factor of Safety Calculations for load combinations


  • Development of Cost-effective Designs that meet Durability Targets
  • Elimination of Design Failures due to Service Loads
  • Leveraging your existing CAD models
  • Improve Process Efficiency and Product Effectiveness
  • Increase Innovation and Market Share