Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Watch Out a New Tool in SOLIDWORKS 2016

To ensure greater accuracy for digital simulation or to produce a 3D printed prototype, it’s often necessary to model the physical threads on shafts and holes, among many other features.

To create a thread in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, we had to manually create a profile and a helix for creating a swept cut. This process has now been automated with a new Thread tool in SOLIDWORKS 2016. The new Thread tool allow us to create helical threads on cylindrical faces using profile sketches. Now, this feature is very flexible, allowing us to specify the start thread location, an offset, end conditions, the type, size, diameter, pitch and rotation angle, and even choose options like right-hand or left-hand thread.

We can also create our own custom thread profiles like weldment profile. SOLIDWORKS allow us to store our custom thread profile as a library feature. The default location where these are saved can be modified at Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations. Select Thread Profiles from the Show Folders for pull-down menu.

Creating a cut Thread

Click Insert > Features > Thread

In the Thread Property Manager,
  1. Under Specification,we can select any type of thread profiles here its metric die.
  2. Set the Size to M6x1.0.
  3. Check Offset under Thread Location.
  4. Set the Offset Distance to 1.00mm and clicked the Reverse Direction button.
  5. Check Maintain Thread Length under End Condition. Note that when you do this the thread       profile updates from 10 to 11 millimeters in length.
  6. Click OK

Thread is now created and we are ready to move on with designing our part. This new Thread tool in SOLIDWORKS 2016 is a great time saver and we can quickly create all the accuracy and detail we need, while staying focused on design.

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