Friday, 8 January 2016

Ease your Material Handling Design with SOLIDWORKS

Challenges faced in Design of Material Handling Systems

  • Visualising Complex Designs
  • Increased design cycle time
  • Product quality and performance
  • Design reuse and configurable Designs
  • Increased Material costs & warranty costs

How to address these challenges

  • Transition from 2D to 3D and visualizing large assembly designs
  • Reduce design cycle by Automating Design Process
  • Improve product quality and performance by identifying hotspots
  • Modular Design and Design interference Checks
  • Weight reduction and load carrying capacity determination
  • Ensure reliability and safety as per standards
 EGS India | SOLIDWORKS Reseller

SOLIDWORKS Solutions in Action 

  • Solidworks Solutions boosts innovation to make Companies more profitable and more productive.
  • Solidworks Simulation stands aside Design Team to Virtually test at early stages of design process
  • Design Automation Tools like Driveworksxpress and Solidworks API improves performance and captures knowledge to be used continually.
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  • Design optimization Tool suggests alternatives to offset the material cost and Optimizes design for size, weight and efficiency
  • Eliminates errors and reduces development costs
Explore new ideas, innovative concepts and better ways of doing 
things through Solidworks Solutions.

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