Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Detecting Overridden Dimension

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

  • SolidWorks Design Checker verifies design elements such as 
  • Dimensioning Standards 
  • Fonts, Materials 
  • Sketches 
to ensure that SOLIDWORKS documents meet pre-defined design criteria

Adding SolidWorks Design Checker to SOLIDWORKS

  • Click Tools > Add-ins.
  • Select SolidWorks Design Checker , then click OK.
  • Click Tools > Design Checker.
  • Click Create a “New Standards File” 
  • Select Overridden Dimension
  • Save File as a “Standards file“ (*.swstd format)

To Check active document

  • Click Tools > Check Active Document
  • Add The (*.swstd) file to check
  • Select Check document  
  • All the “Overridden Dimension are highlighted dynamically
  • Perform the desired operation

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