Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Special Purpose Machine (SPM) is widely used for special kind of operations, which are not economical on conventional machines. It is designed for getting higher accuracy at desired condition. A design engineer has to improve existing manufacturing technique by implanting new ideas like Special Purpose Machine (SPM). The company’s decision making is based on the motives of improving existing manufacturing processes which result in to major advantages like, reduced manufacturing lead time, tool profiling methods of processing and consistent results on a long run.

  • Unable to determine collision & interference between parts
  • Top down assembly modelling
  • To showcase physical working of machine
  • To create and validate mechanisms involved
  • Creating innovative concepts
  • Design collaboration of standard components like motor, linear guide ways, pulleys, power packs etc…
  • Design and validation of structural elements
  • Design communication and approval
These are few of the Technical challenges faced by the SPM sectors during their design process. Let us quickly have an overview on how Interference and collision detection plays major role in these sectors.

  • Interference Detection identifies interferences between components, and helps you to examine and evaluate those interferences.
  • Interference Detection is useful in complex assemblies, where it can be difficult to visually determine whether components interfere with each other.
  • SOLIDWORKS tools help you verify whether your designs will fit, assemble, and operate correctly before you assemble any parts. Interference checking finds issues early in design, giving you more time to make cost efficient fixtures.

 Interference Detection

  • Determine the interference between components.
  • Display the true volume of interference as a shaded volume.
  • Change the display settings of the interfering and non-interfering components to see the interference better.
  • Select to ignore interferences that you want to exclude such as press fits, interferences of threaded fasteners, and so on.
  • Option to include interferences between bodies within Multibody parts.
  • Option to treat a subassembly as a single component, so that interferences between the subassembly's components are not reported.
  • Distinguish between coincidence interferences and standard interferences

  • The software can detect collisions with the entire assembly or a selected group of components
  • You can find collisions for either the selected components or for all of the components in an assembly.
  • Collision Detection accelerates the design process, saving time and development costs, and increasing productivity.
 Collision Detection

  • Physical Dynamics is an option in Collision Detection that allows you to see the motion of assembly components in a realistic way
  • Dynamic Clearance Verification mode - Focused on ensuring clearance at all times
  • Interference or clearance checks in either 2D or 3D
  • Stop with audible warning when collision occurs when dragging/moving a component
  • Local or global checks within a design to find all interferences


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