Saturday, 7 May 2016

CFD Approach Towards the Trend Changes in Valve Industries

Valves are the traditional devices for regulating the flow of liquids, gases or any fluidized solids. They are the major backbone for pipeline & multi process oriented industries. Over the past, there is an increased demand for innovative technologies to meet the industrial requirements. With the demand, the valve sectors should also maintain lower fabrication costs & development time and come up with new designs to grow substantially in the market. Thus, for the market growth, the industry has to rely on their design & development team to produce valves with respect to the customer needs.

SOLIDWORKS offers the industry to have a technology to design & validate simultaneously for their real time flow problems. The SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is used to simulate the fluid flows along your valve designs. As a designer, you can decide to make changes with great visualization of the fluid flows.

The following important challenges addressed are like:
  • Back Pressure
  • Pressure Drop
  • Cv Calculation
  • Cavitation Effect
  • Valve Efficiency Calculation
This technology enables the valve testing for different scenarios in a virtual environment, to build and analyze solutions for the occurring problems to have a safer service and quality at your side. The flow simulation offers the user to apply different sets of boundary conditions for pressure, volume, temperature, mass & velocities at the Inlets & Outlets.
Once the prediction of the flow impacts are done, the user can view exact flow results with the cut & surface plots on the design setup. By adapting to the technology, the growth of the organization can be seen by reducing the prototype costs & have a development of their own products.

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