Monday, 30 May 2016

How to link SolidWorks EPDM Data Card Values with Excel


SolidWorks EPDM performs Various task, in which Linking Data Card Values with an Excel document creates a basic understanding on how EPDM easily integrated with various tool. This is most needed yet most organization find it quite difficult to link various documents with the company's customized data card. This article provides information on how to perform this above task.


Inside Admin Tool

Create a new variable inside the administration tool on the appropriate vault that will be used in the card, give a variable name, variable type. Create New Attribute with Block Name and Attribute Name which need to be connected with the Excel. Provide the extension to make the work simple as possible.

After assigning a New Variable, make sure that the variable get positioned inside the data card. Hence create a field for that variable and map it to the variable name. Office card(Word, Excel) will be used to extract various information about the vendors, suppliers etc, make sure that variable get connected to the exact data card.

Inside Excel

Create a Excel file from the EPDM Vault, Click on the cell, which the property needs to be renamed. The Cell name is entered. The Cell name must be unique to the current sheet and do not contain any spaces in between them.

Inside the Custom Properties type the 'Name', same as that used in the new variable 'Attribute Name'. This Cell name is entered 'Source' Tab, mark 'Link to Content' . Save and close the Excel sheet.


This is two way method. Either you can enter the comment in the 'Note' tab inside the data card and save it. This will appear inside the Excel sheet.
Enter the text in the appropriate cell, save and close the excel, automatically Data Card with that note will appear.
Hence you can link your EPDM Data Card with Excel Document.