Monday, 26 September 2016

SolidWorks 2017 - Bewitching Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS is one of the emerging tool which always gives the Users with updated technology year by year. This year's updates are :
  1. Magnetic Mates: Let your product assemble with the power of Magnetism
  2. Wrap Feature: Wrap your sketches over any surface.
  3. Sheet Metal delighters: Create corner relief where three bends meet at one common point. Normal cut is much more extended to deliver better results, and Punch Table support for Mirrored & Derived parts.
  4. Advanced Holes: With better and advanced definition of Holes the updated version can group favorites for Hole features & add appearances.
  5. Drawing: Emphasizing Outlines for Drawing section views & Jagged outlines to differentiate among edges.
  6. eDrawings: The best communication tool will now support STEP, IGES, CATIA, Inventor & 3D XML files.
  7. SolidWorks Simulation: Stress Hot Spot detection & Diagnostics tool will now give a better experience in visualizing the analysis results for the users. More in detail, the enhancements focus on Offloading Simulation results, & Conversion of Study types.
  8. SolidWorks Plastics: The industry oriented Injection molding product will have automatic valve gates & better post processing result plots with high accuracy cooling.
  9. SolidWorks PDM: Over-writing the latest version to reduce the archives significantly.
  10. MBD & Visualize: MBD has good & accurate improvements in 3D PDF & Display orientations. We can render output using Visualize Boost & create section views & cutting planes.
SOLIDWORKS mostly focus on the Design Mantra & this 2017 version brings a new product SOLIDWORKS PCB & more of SOLIDWORKS Electrical enhancements. The 2017 motto is on "The Power You need to Drive Innovation" with delighted features on Innovate, Design, Validate, Collaborate, Manage & Build.

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