Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Inserting Custom Parts into Toolbox

SolidWorks toolbox consist of numerous standard part models which helps us to reduce the most valuable design time in only creating custom the competitive world its necessary for us to shorten the process time between the drawing board room to the tool room.
Even though having handful of standard parts.there is a need to add custom components to the toolbox.
SolidWorks provides us a opportunity to add custom made components to the toolbox.
1. Create the part models along with its required configurations and save the models in the desired location.
2. Go to Start > All programs > Toolbox Settings 20nn and click customize your hardware.
3. Right click on the standard folder and select ”New folder”.Sub folders can also be created.Add a name to the folder.
4. Select the newly created folder and select “Add File”.
5. Custom Properties and standard colour can be defined.
6.As the Standard parts are created,This can be drag and dropped from the Design Library.