Monday, 27 February 2017

Magnetic Mates for Quick Layout in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Working with large assemblies can often be challenging due to the sheer number of models that get loaded and the interactions that need to be solved between these components. This can particularly difficult when working with layouts to optimize space and organize equipment.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces new tools and enhanced workflows that directly address many of these challenges. Parts and assemblies can be published as assets with appropriate connection points that allow easy drag and drop mating. Upon insertion, components are immediately snapped onto a ground plane, and with a simple tab key, the part can be rotated for approximate positioning. As an asset approaches another, snap lines appear indicating that a Magnetic Mate can applied between the connection points of the 2 models, and when the component is dropped the magnetic mate is applied. Magnetic Mates can easily be broken, by dragging to unsnap, and then re-snapping the model to a new location. Assets, can easily be copied by holding the Control key and snapped to a new position in the layout. Using these simple drag and drop techniques, the new Magnetic Mates make it easy to rapidly assemble equipment and organize your layouts to maximize space utilization.

Publishing assets for use with Magnetic mates is easy and straightforward. Just select a ground plane, enter an offset if required, and then define a connection point and a direction to define the mate. We also have the option to automatically create the Speedpak configuration on the fly, and are ready to be snapped together with other assets in the layouts.

Speedpaks have also been improved; now, reference geometry, sketches and curves can be included as well as the published references to greatly enhance their use in large assemblies.

With the new Magnetic Mates, it is easier than ever to organize your equipment in an efficient manner to provide a smooth process flow and utilize space efficiently.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

SolidWorks Customer Portal

  • Able to access SolidWorks content
  • Access online training manuals – for customers who attend a VAR training session.
  • To search for Solutions in Knowledge base,SPRs(bugs) & Web help.
  • Able to download solidworks setup & check system requirements
  • Able to browse for SolidWorks blog posts,videos,forum posts.

My Support
Knowledge base:
SolidWorks Knowledge base consists of information ranging from solutions to SPRs.Any particular info can be searched by means any phrase.
Enhancement Request:
If the customer wants a new or a additional method for functionality of a tool or a requires a new tool
for a operation then he can submit his ideas by means of Enhancement Request.
Fixed SPRs
It lists all the SPRs which are resolved in the particular update.
My Products
It provides the info on the details of the SolidWorks product registered with the particular user login.

Register my products
This option is use to register any SolidWorks serial No to the particular user Login.
System requirements
This option is helpful to determine the optimum configuration of the PC’s Hardware & Software.

Hardware and graphics
This option is used to identify the right graphics card for the SolidWorks version.
Licensing and Activation
Procedures regarding SolidWorks,SNL activation and Registration can be found.
Admin Guides
Information regarding to Installation,Release notes,SNL info & What’s New can be found there.
Learning Resources
It consists of Data sheets,White papers,Videos & Tutorials to get a insight of various products of SolidWorks.

This consists of files and related documents relevant to the training conducted by the respective
VAR.Training files can be found for SolidWorks, Simulation, PDM, Composer & Electrical
CAD Admin Dashboard
The CAD Admin Dashboard displays information gathered from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program to provide details of system information and SOLIDWORKS settings in a well build mode.
Each installation must have Checked the SolidWorks user improvements checkbox.
This helps to Download new versions, service packs, and add-ins.

3D Content Central
It is a vast repository of 2D and 3D models contributed by users as well as by certified suppliers.
API examples
This provides worked out sample files regarding working with SolidWorks API (Application
Programming Interface).

It is a conclave to discuss about anything related to SolidWorks.Peoples can participate and provide
their suggestion and answers to any discussion raised.
The certification catalog provides a complete list and description of all certificates available with SolidWorks.