Monday, 27 February 2017

Magnetic Mates for Quick Layout in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Working with large assemblies can often be challenging due to the sheer number of models that get loaded and the interactions that need to be solved between these components. This can particularly difficult when working with layouts to optimize space and organize equipment.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces new tools and enhanced workflows that directly address many of these challenges. Parts and assemblies can be published as assets with appropriate connection points that allow easy drag and drop mating. Upon insertion, components are immediately snapped onto a ground plane, and with a simple tab key, the part can be rotated for approximate positioning. As an asset approaches another, snap lines appear indicating that a Magnetic Mate can applied between the connection points of the 2 models, and when the component is dropped the magnetic mate is applied. Magnetic Mates can easily be broken, by dragging to unsnap, and then re-snapping the model to a new location. Assets, can easily be copied by holding the Control key and snapped to a new position in the layout. Using these simple drag and drop techniques, the new Magnetic Mates make it easy to rapidly assemble equipment and organize your layouts to maximize space utilization.

Publishing assets for use with Magnetic mates is easy and straightforward. Just select a ground plane, enter an offset if required, and then define a connection point and a direction to define the mate. We also have the option to automatically create the Speedpak configuration on the fly, and are ready to be snapped together with other assets in the layouts.

Speedpaks have also been improved; now, reference geometry, sketches and curves can be included as well as the published references to greatly enhance their use in large assemblies.

With the new Magnetic Mates, it is easier than ever to organize your equipment in an efficient manner to provide a smooth process flow and utilize space efficiently.

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