Friday, 31 March 2017

Design Work Stopped when Simulation Analysis is Running? Doesn't Matter with this New Feature in SolidWorks Simulation

The What's New 2017 proved with a good set of enhancements for User post processing. One such enhancement is the Off-loaded Simulation in solving the analysis studies. User faces problems related to time consuming process when a large problem is setup for study. This off-loaded simulation enhancement allows the analyst to solve the setup studies on another computer. The introduced enhancement for 2017 is available for SolidWorks Simulation Premium licences, which can be used for Static & Non Linear setup studies.

Steps involved:
  1. Identifying another computer to free up resources for parallel tasks from the user involved system
  2. Solution is run on another computer connected on the same network domain
  3. Coordinator system requires SolidWorks & Simulation Premium license. SolidWorks Simulation Worker Agent to be installed & activated on the network connceted system
  4. Create Static or Non Linear studies on the coordinator machine
  5. Temporary results saved on the other system when the analysis is run
  6. Post processing results viewed in the coordinator system after the analysis is run

Installing SolidWorks Simulation Working Agent
  1. Install & launch the Simulation Worker Agent Program on the network attached computer
  2. Include the SolidWorks Installation files & run the setup on the client machine
  3. In the Summary page during the installation process, in the products Tab, click on "Change"
  4. Select the SolidWorks Simulation Worker Agent for installation process
  5. Launch the Simulation Worker Agent application after the installation process is done
  6. Click on Activate Worker Agent to enable the Status information set to Idle Status

To setup & manage the network simulation, click on the Offloaded Simulation in the coordinator system & manage the network manager to enable the connected network system. During the analysis process, the Intel Network Sparse Solver available for this enhancement in automatically enabled. Under this process, the User is liable to select the corresponding machines for coordinator & for the client machine.

  • Time reduction during the validation process
  • Multi tasking design process
  • Free up resources for analysis result files
  • Easy approach for post-processing results