Tuesday, 25 April 2017


SOLIDWORKS will help Engineers to Design and Validate your product as per the industrial standards and applications. There are some considerations to be done for conducting the best design approach, as follows:

  • Purpose of Design
  • Material of Products
  • Less Weight
  • Should not fail
  • Should not be too costly
  • Following some standards
  • Market survey

Properties to be incorporated for Design Challenges:

Material Library – Applying the mechanical properties for your Design by using a single click Material Library Tab.
Evaluate – Measuring the exact product weight before the manufacturing process for VAVE Optimization.

Material Library
Mass Properties

Static & Nonlinear Analysis – Finding the visual product validation for better performance & quality. Perform a spell check on your designs to ensure the product meets the requirements.

Fatigue Analysis – Predicting the exact design life estimation before the production.

Stress Result
Displacement Result

Costing – By clicking on the Costing feature, provide the estimated cost before proceeding the manufacturing process. The estimated cost can be a comparison for Gain/Loss challenges in giving a better design comparisons.

Visualize – Make your designs to be viewed as a real time product before the manufacturing stage. The realistic images can provide the designers to give the detailed information for the aesthetic looks.



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