Tuesday, 25 April 2017

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Sales & Marketing


  • Handle 2D & 3D design data, anytime, anywhere
  • View, Zoom, pan, rotate, section and virtually disassemble
  • Measure, mark up, comment, stamp, re-order views
  • Password Protect Intellectual Property
  • Win Business through Effective Communication


  • Clearly explain and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content
  • High quality illustrations, photorealistic images and interactive animations to enhance Product Sales
  • Technical communication that helps customers and partners understand and retain product information
  • Import design data to create bills of materials (BOMs), add dimensions, place surface finish labels, and so on.


  • Improve internal design, engineering, and sales reviews to help make more educated final decisions
  • Drastically reduce the cost and number of physical prototypes
  • Deliver photorealistic imagery and content to marketing much earlier to help promote the newest products via web/print
  • Added time savings allow for more design time, which results in an overall better final product


  • Easily monitor manufacturing costs as you design, thereby avoiding costly redesigns and production delays later on
  • Automatic Manufacturing Cost Estimation and Quoting/Design for Cost
  • Customize costing inputs based on company and regional conditions
  • Assembly Cost Roll Up