Friday, 26 May 2017

Comment in Feature Manager Design Tree

The existing ability to add Comment to models has been enhanced. It is easier to view and edit models based on the Comment over the life-cycle of a product's design.

Turning on Comment Indicators

You can turn on comment indicators in the Feature Manager design tree display
to locate the Comment more easily.

To turn on comment indicators:

1. In the Feature Manager design tree, right-click the top node.
2. Click Tree Display > Show Comment Indicator.


Visual indicators appear in the Feature Manager design tree to indicate if a
comment exists.

Adding Standalone Comment

You can add standalone Comment that are not attached to a feature or node in the Feature Manager design tree.
When you add a comment to a feature, a time-stamp is added automatically to
the comment.

To add standalone Comment:

1. Right-click Comment folder in Feature Manager design tree.


2. Click Add Comment.

3. In the Comment box, type the comment and click Save and Close.

Adding Images and Screen shots to Comment

You can add images and screen shots to Comment. When you add a comment to
a feature, a time-stamp is added automatically to the comment, In the Comment box,
click one or both of the following:

(i)Insert image - Lets you browse for an image and adds it in the comment with a
(ii)Insert screenshot - Adds an image of the graphics area in the comment with a


The standalone comment is added in the Comment folder in Feature Manager
design tree.

Viewing and Editing Comment in Property Managers

You can view and edit the Comment of a feature in Property Managers.

To view and edit Comment in Property Managers:

1. Click Tools > Options > System Options > Collaboration.


2. In the dialog box, select Show Comment in Property Manager.
3. In the graphics area, select a feature that has a comment attached to it and click Edit
4. In the Property Manager, under Comment, click Edit.
5. Modify the comment and click Save and Close.
6. Click .

You can add Comment to almost all the following nodes in the Feature Manager
design tree as below mentioned.

• Mates (all types) • Mate folder or Mate group • Folders
• Sensors • Material • Annotation views
• Blocks • Solid bodies folder • Surface bodies folder
• Sheet metal nodes • Mate references

Viewing all Comment in one dialog:

You can view all Comment in one dialog box and export the Comment to a Microsoft
Word document.


Visibility of Comment in configuration manager:

The Configuration Manager also shows similar enhancements for Comment.

Benefits of comment:

1. Help to communicate information about model.
2. Now we can get the detailed information about revision control in 3d model.
3. Reduce search time without going through cycles of drawings.
4. Increasing productivity.
5. Accelerating time-to-market.



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