Friday, 23 June 2017

Automatic Generation of Electrical Schematics:

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical, users can generate their Electrical Schematic diagram in an automated way through an Excel file. Users can have an advanced configuration of their projects defined in a spreadsheet, so they will be able to design any standard electrical project automatically, considering different types of configurations.

The XLS spread sheet  below, which will have Codes to identify and keywords which are recognizable format to the SQL”.

Once we add the required Codes in XLS sheet, then we need to add the MACROS to be inserted into schematic using MACRO MANAGER. Also create any symbols to be inserted for your specific MACRO.
(Macro Symbol Inserted)

Go to IMPORT/EXPORT>> EXCEL AUTOMATION  and select the CONFIGURED XLS file and then import it.

This XLS file will picks up THE REQUIRED SYMBOLS AND MACROS and position them , as per the MFR and positional information defined in the XLS sheet.
(The Auto Generated Schematic) 


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