Thursday, 13 July 2017

Updating Mold design as per imported model changes

You can create a mold using a sequence of integrated tools that control the mold creation process. You can use
these mold tools to analyze and correct deficiencies with either SOLIDWORKS or imported models of parts to be molded.

Any changes to the molded part are automatically reflected in the tooling bodies, this is common when your taken the SOLIDWORKS part file “.sldprt” as a mold part

Let us assuming the user has created core and cavity using a imported part model Given in “step” format, if the model data has been changed but you want to use the new part data in the place of existing part data

In this case SOLIDWORKS having a great capability of updating the core and cavity with respect to the imported data changes.

Core and cavity created using “Translated_Dustpan.STEP” imported model

Now the imported model has been modified and given to the user, so we have to replace the Translated
Dustpan imported model with the new modified Translated Dustpan STEP model.

Step 1

Click the imported model in FMDT -> Edit feature                Click OK when this dialogue box shown

Step 2

  • User can select the modified imported file from the open dialogue box
  • Solidworks will allow the user to select the different file format
  • Check the Match faces and edges

“Model updated with the modified imported part”


1. Easy update of other Cad files in tooling design
2. Simplified mold re-design process
3. various file format supported


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