Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Best in Class Manufacturing Solution for Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry

                  We have been working with many Sheet Metal Fabricators for how quickly and cost-effectively they can create sheet metal part designs and get the exact blank development for fabrication of the components. 
And also how to directly get the machine inputs from the CAD model using SOLIDWORKS 3D Software

Challenges faced by Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry : 

•     Manufacturing errors during Sheet Metal process like bending, punching, forming.

      File conversion like DXF /DWG for cutting and bending operation of Sheet Metal components using CNC, Laser cutting machines.

      Requires entire cut list for the different multibody sheet metals for fabrication.

     Estimation of accurate blank development for manufacturing is tedious.

     Due to lack of design communication lot of rework and scrap occurs.

     Want to make blank development for forming tool. 

SOLIDWORKS Solutions Proposed : 

        Generate a number of bends including loft bends, sketched bends and more.

        Sheet Metal cultist provides the exact sizing like Length, Width, Thickness, Area etc for different multibody Sheet Metal components .

        Take control of bend allowances/bend reductions by using bend tables.

        Advanced Sheet Metal tool helps to find out exact Sheet Metal Blank area with bend compensation using Flatten tool.

        Directly convert it to DXF/DWG for the Sheet Metal CNC machining operation.

        Scraps can be reduced or avoid by getting exact development length . 

 •       Inbuilt forming tools are available in the Library and the blank development can be taken for it.

•        Sheet Metal Costing tool helps to calculate the Material & Manufacturing cost Upfront in Design Stage.



       Reduce development cycle time

       Increase product innovation

      Improved quality and minimized design errors

      One stop solution for changing needs

      Enhanced design communications with existing & prospective customers

       Shortened time required to make design changes by 90 percent.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Testimonial: 

“ What SOLIDWORKS solutions have allowed us to do is increase the speed of development and design more complex solutions. That has enabled us to significantly grow our business. We value the SolidWorks platform because it gives us a real competitive advantage.” 

Mr. Chris Weiss - Vice President of Engineering 

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