Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Data Handling & Product Communication in Automotive Sectors!

                    Data – a key element in every Organisation. Handling data is the sole responsibility of Personnel / Management to ensure Proper Data flow inside an organisation. When it comes to an organisation involved in automotive product design and manufacture, it's quite complicated to manage Product Development data under one roof. Communicating this available information is much more tricky and challenging.

 The solutions to rectify these complications are pretty expensive and time consuming to sort out the challenges faced by the automotive firms.

Challenges faced in Automotive Industry:

A) Difficulty in managing product related data & Files (Parts, Assemblies, Drawings, Standards, Reference Documents and Catalogs) across the Design & Development process
B) Unable to track Legacy data & Existing Designs for new Automotive Concept
C) Managing revisions& Versions in existing Projects is complicated
E) Data Segregation and accessibility between Departments
F) Visualising the Exploded View of the Automotive and Understanding the Mechanisms
G) Difficulties in delivering the right assembly Instructions to assembly line
H) Communicating the right information to the service engineers & Creating Service Manuals


A)   With SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) you can create and maintain your design data under control with the functionalities of finding files, Duplicate files (twin files), Duplicate (same file name but different geometry)

 B)   PDM helps you to repurposing existing design data (to eliminate recreating designs) with the high functionalities and features of advanced searching, Integrated file preview, File structure copy and rename

C)   Manage design revisions more effectively to track design revisions and maintain a complete revision history to avoid the errors of manual approaches

D)   Organizations with multiple locations either domestically or internationally can collaborate and work with Centralized storage with automated vault, Automatic notifications, Automated neutral file creation, Web connection to access from anywhere at any time with a browser and an internet connection.

E)  Secure and protect access to sensitive or proprietary product information with the Secure Data Access (read-only, read-write, change authorizations, release approvals), Centralized storage with automated vault replication.

F)  Now with SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER, Animate and visualize to explore about your Product in Exploded Views and also mechanisms.

G)   Demonstrate clearly and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content

H)  Illustrate and transfer a high quality images and even interactive servicing information to prepare Technical documents like manuals and catalogue.
  •            Powerful Integration of SOLIDWORKS and Windows
  •          Find and re-use Design Data
  •          Secured access within the organization
  •          Automated approval process & Work Flow
  •          Reduce documentation costs by at 25 %
  •          Add life to documentation with interactive 3D animations


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