Monday, 22 January 2018

How to Enhance Your Automotive Product Design & Development Process with SOLIDWORKS?

Challenges faced by Automotive Industries:

·          To identify interference and collision issues
·         Want to keep production engineers in the loop near the middle, and later design            stages.
·         Difficult to view real time working mechanism and visualizing the model
·         More time consumption on model tolerance check and engineering  information  for  production
·         Manual work leads to error existence, which reduces the product quality.

·         Excessive development time on prototyping and traditional testing method’s.


  •        SOLIDWORKS enables us to identify interference and collision issues, and then quickly adapt the design to provide the necessary clearances.
  •       You can incorporate SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® for circulate your machine designs into your design approval process.
  •       Leveraging dynamic motion and animation tools in SOLIDWORKS, we can better visualize how every machine component will function in 3D before we release designs to manufacturing
  •       SOLIDWORKS TolAnalyst tools let you perform maximum and minimum tolerance stack-up analysis on parts and assemblies
  •       Greater design accuracy translates into less scrap and rework, which saves both time and money
  •       With SOLIDWORKS Simulation capabilities, we gain valuable design insights that allow us to optimize designs and boost performance


·         Accelerated assembly operations
·         Streamlined creation of product documentation
·         Improved product quality
·         Compressed development cycles
·         Enhanced communications through remote tablet viewing of design data
·         Responded efficiently to explosive growth in projects


Our Customer Testimonial:

"We thank entire EGS team for their quick response to our issues and resolve them quit well. They are best in SOLIDWORKS training. SOLIDWORKS has greatly helped us in quickly making our design and its user-friendly software."

Mr. Karthick Chandran K
Asst. Manager (Application Tubes)
Tube Investments India

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