Thursday, 11 January 2018

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Engineering Team

3D Design

  •   Powerful 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and manufacturing drawings. 
  •   Application-specific tools for Sheet metal, Weldments, Surfacing and Mold Tool and Die make it easy to deliver best-in-class designs.
  •   Quickly create, validate, communicate and manage the product during development process.
  •   Get your products to market faster, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality


  •         Driveworksxpress—Automate your design process, and generate infinite variations of  models using  rule-based design
  •   SOLIDWORKS Macros—Automate repetitive  tasks and Streamline design process
  •   Hotkeys , Task Scheduler & Built-in Application Programming Interface (API)—Automate specific functions in SOLIDWORKS
  •          Links to Microsoft® VBA—Generate custom automation                                                                  using  standard industry automation tools

  • Subject your designs to real-world conditions to raise the quality of your products while you reduce your costs for prototypes and testing.
  •   Efficiently improve performance by simulating fluid flow, heat transfer & temperature in working and living environments (HVAC)
  •   Predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of plastic parts &  injection mold designs
  •   Conduct life cycle assessment (LCA) on parts or assemblies directly

DFM Xpress

  • DFMXpress analysis tool validates the manufacturability of parts designed with SOLIDWORKS
  •   Quickly identify design areas that might cause fabrication problems or increase production costs
  •   Quickly review parts with mill, drill, turning, sheet metal, and injection molding requirements.


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