Thursday, 15 February 2018

How Engineering Product Data Management plays vital role in Sheet Metal Industry ?

Anything that you design, develop, manufacture and make profit out of it.

Files related to product design, development, manufacturing and process info.

  • Organizing the product & process info.
  • Conquering the key challenges faced related to design data management area.
  • Taking the process towards the destination with the flow.

Key challenges faced by the sheet metal industry related to engineering data management
  1. Security of intellectual property.
  2. Data leakage, deletion, modified.
  3. Data Duplication.
  4. Track & Locating legacy design data.
  5. Version management.
  6. Redundancy due to old revision in the shop floor.
  7. Errors,time consumption,chaos due to manual Engineering Change Management.
  8. Tons of drawing hard copies, ledgers, files, documentation requires space and individual to maintain it.
  9. Pending of design approvals due to absence of authority.
  10. Open access of design info to all stakeholders.
  11. Control access of info sharing with internal & external stakeholders, suppliers, customers.
  12. Robust to locate & track the info globally.
  13. Searching a solution to build collaborate & concurrent working environment.
  14. Impossible to revise MBOM (Manufacturing Bill of Material) from EBOM (Engineering Bill of Material) as BOM modification happens frequently at this stage before send it to the purchase department.
Engineering Product Data Management | Key Challenges in Sheet Metal Industry
SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management

Vault (Centralized repository) protects the intellectual property (Design data & info).
  • Most of the cases, their own machine acts as the server. Even in any exceptional case their server will be placed within their own location. So, there is no possibility of data leakage.
  • Every individual needs authorization to access their info (Prevents data modification and deletion).
  • Powerful search & reuse tool helps to track & locate the legacy design data with ease.
  • Capture & Records all the design changes made from designers and make him aware of design changes made.
  • Release only updated drawings to the shop floor (Rework is eliminated utterly).
  • Avoids error due to manual process, automation of (ECR, ECN, ECO) process.
  • Electronic info transfer (Utterly paperless), E-documents, E-files saves space, manhandling to maintain and to move it.
  • Possible to approve and provide comments to the drawings with the electronic gadgets through E-drawing application. (As, it streamline the approval process).
  • Controlled access provided to different person based upon their departments, roles & responsibility (Individual can able to access the info within their boundary).
  • Possible to connect with suppliers, vendors, customers and restrict the info.
  • Track & Locate the design info globally.
  • Share,collaborate the design info and work concurrently from any part of the globe.
  • Edit, compare, add EBOM & MBOM.

  • Optimize design cycle & throughput time.
  • Reduces non-value added activities and the cost involved in it.
  • Makes the product reaches the market faster (5x).
  • Ease of use, as it is integrated with windows explorer interface.
  • Simple installation.
  • Implementation can be done within a month of time.
  • Increases product & process quality.
  • Possibility to integrate customized module based on client request through API.