Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers can improve Business opportunity through SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD?

Whatever the product we manufacture, it should meet customer requirements. An important aspect should consider in order winning is not only to meet the customer requirements but also providence in taking care about the product quality. A good service and consistent quality keeps on customer satisfaction and fulfilment to the releasing orders now and then. Therefore, to achieve these two things is a difficult and challenging task for every engineers and entrepreneurs in this Business World. So, let we see how SOLIDWORKS will help you to do the right things in a right place at a right time.

Common Challenges
  • To make Mechanical design more efficient 
  • Ready to bring own ideas into concept but reluctance to implement 
  • Back to back project failures leads to high material cost & wastage 
  • More number of Prototypes takes more time to complete the project 
  • Prototype Cost is too high 
  • Manufacturing lead time is more. Therefore, Return on Investment [ROI] will be delay 
  • Project Development Cost is high since no proper documents are maintained
Here the proposed solution by SOLIDWORKS are,
  • Is there a lot of 2D drawings in your table? No worry about it. SOLIDWORKS has a productivity tool that converts 2D sketches to direct 3D model within a matter of minutes. 
  • Any detections in Assembly such as interference, collision, hole misalignment etc can be easily identify and rectify within a design stage so that the number of Prototype can be reduce 
  • Detail drawings can create with 100% accurate dimensions so that communication barrier can be avoid between design and manufacture team 
  • Accurate Bill of Material [BOM] can generate automatically so there is no need of manual work and hence error can be radically eliminated 
  • Associativity: What are the changes done in part design, it will automatically change in Assembly as well as in Drawing. Therefore, Product development time is consumed 
  • Hardware items such as Motor, Gear boxes, different country standard Tool Box items like Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers etc can easily access within the SOLIDWORKS Design Library
  • Manufacturing feasibility can be check within the design stage by simply specify the Machine Input parameters such as Hole Depth to Diameter ratio, hole area % (for Machined Component) and Flange thickness to Bend radius ratio (for Sheetmetal Component)
  • Costing shall be done (for Machined, Sheet metal, Casting, 3D Printing, Plastic components) in a Design stage itself. So that a quick response to Quotation and estimation of finish project can achieve very fast and accurate. 
  • The product we manufacture should withstand different circumstances. Product validation can be done in design stage so that we can test and check how it will work on real time scenario. This what SOLIDWORKS helps in reduces no. of prototypes and its cost. 
  • Is your project over designed? Does 3HP motor should require to lift a Load of 1000N? or 2HP Motor is enough to lift same load? SOLIDWORKS enables the manufacturer to select exact Motor specification to their applying loads with the help of graphical charts. 



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