Wednesday, 30 May 2018

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Material Handling Industry

Material Handling Design

We Have been working with many Material Handling Equipment Design for optimize cost and weight challenges without compromising on integrity, safety and longevity of such heavy-duty mechanical systems.

Challenges faced by Material Handling Industry:

• Developing product design takes much time.
• Modification of design for different sizes is a tedious process.
• Stiffness and strength calculations of load bearing members.
• Factor of safety calculations for combination of loads involving self-weight, payload, wind-loads (for outdoor applications) among others.
• Natural frequency calculations for girders.
• Weight and Cost reduction strategies for load bearing members.
• Limit load analysis and buckling load factor calculations for full systems.
• Performance simulations of shipboard equipment’s subjected to shock and vibrations.

SOLIDWORKS Solutions Proposed:

• Make more design in shorter time using ease of tools.
• Design reuse and automation helps to make various modifications instead of creating it from scrap every time.
• Using simulation able to find out Stresses and Deflections in machine load bearing members.
• Fatigue Life prediction and Failure Mode estimation of load-bearing members and components.
• Optimization allows to reduce cost and weight parallel when you are making new designs.
• Find out failure modes of structural using frequency analysis.

• Kinematic analysis helps to ensure product reliability during design stage.
• Standard FEA analysis reports for maintain documentations.


• Cut equipment assembly time.
• Ensure fail-safe designs to address mission-critical requirements.
• Enhanced innovation through better visualization.
• Improved customer communications.
• Expanded throughput with concurrent design.
• Realized faster erection of equipment at site.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Testimonial:

“Applying modular design and SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go tools is the most productive approach to developing these types of systems. By using SOLIDWORKS, we could do it faster, drawing errors were drastically reduced, and the 3D environment made it easy to all.”

Mr. Satish N. Kudav 
Senior Manager-Engineering Products 


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