Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD will be best solution provider for Pump Industries?

According to current statistics, the Indian Pump Industry is growing at a rate of 10% annually. The product we manufacture should be extremely reliable and cost effective. To maintain a good quality and reliability, no. of product failures must reduce. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD will provide you best solutions to increase business opportunity in the competitive global market.

Common Challenges
  • Reluctance in innovation to improve pump performance.
  • Pumps that are not ideally suiting require space area.
  • Prototyping cost and testing time is high.
  • Over-designing the product to handle large volume of waters.
  • Scrap and reworks is more.
  • Power consumption is not more when comparing to output value.
  • Product is not meeting the International demands and so on.
Observed Solutions through SOLIDWORKS
  • Multiple product designs and variable parameters can control within design stage itself. So that design time and development time can reduce.
  • Design Automation in SOLIDWORKS enables the user to work only on input values, not on design tools.
  • Any design changes can do then and there so that to avoid rework and material wastage.
  • Virtual Prototyping helps better evaluation and saves lot of money and time.
  • Optimize your design to achieve exact material allowances and save material and its cost.
  • Validations such as Flow analysis, Material analysis, performance analysis etc can be done to increase the efficiency of the product.
  • SOLIDWORKS enhance the user to innovate the product performance by analysing Flow rate, Manometric pressure, power efficiency of different design concepts.