Thursday, 7 March 2019

Design to Manufacture Solutions for Pump Industry

Pump Industry in India – An Overview
     The Indian Pump industry is growing at an annual Compound Annual Growth rate of approx 10%– which is higher than the international Compound Annual Growth rate average of approx 6% –due to the surge in infrastructure development, growth in agriculture and other water intensive industries.The domestic Indian pump market is growing at a healthy rate of 16-18% per year in India.


     The product we manufacture should be cost effective and reliable. To maintain good quality, reliability and reduce cost, no. of product failures must be minimized. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD provides best solutions to deliver product on time, reduce manufacturing and operating costs and increase business opportunity in the competitive global market.


     The advantages of having the 3D CAD model as the center of your Design to Manufacturing Process include:

  • Automatically propagate design changes to downstream functional areas.
  • Changes can be incorporated late in the product development cycle without the need to push out delivery dates.
  • Concurrent design and manufacturing.
  • Products can be easily represented using 3D CAD model.

Great products begin with great design.
     SOLIDWORKS offers tools enable the user to develop from concept to parts, assemblies & detailing and helps innovate and develop thanks to industry-leading capabilities including Conceptual Design, Surfacing, Direct Editing, Production-quality 2D drawings, Large Assemblies., Reverse Engineering, Mold design, sheet metal, weldments, and pipe and electrical routing, Automated Generative Design, CAD Libraries, Import/Export, Design for Manufacturability and Bill of Materials.



SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation will assess the fluid flow for varied engineering applications and may facilitate thermal analysis for finding varied heat transfer issues. Design and analysis of various types of turbo-machinery to simulate specified air/volume flow rate, determine the power required to achieve performance and overall pump efficiency.


     SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the camera of SOLIDWORKS that enables create professional,high quality, photo-realistic images, animations, and interactive 3D content quickly and easily.
     With SOLIDWORKS Visualize you'll be able to produce sales and promoting content at design stage and be able to begin promoting before your product is launched.

Inspection Ballooning

     SOLIDWORKS Inspection package is a First Article Inspections (FAI) and in-process quality inspection software that automates and streamlines the creation of ballooned review drawings and review reports like AS9102, PPAP, etc..
     Enhanced with OCR performance and capabilities extended to part, assembly, drawing files and third-party files like PDF, TIFF, SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps you streamline your shop floor inspection and Quality Assurance processes and create inspection reports and ballooned drawings in minutes.

Secure Data with Product Data Management

     Centralizing the storage of all engineering data and all related files can be achieved using SOLIDWORKS PDM. It provides a robust environment for collaboration, design reuse, change management and design data distribution.
     SOLIDWORKS Manage is an advanced, record-based data management system for process management, item management, Engineering change management, BOM management, serial number generation etc.

Technical Communication

     Creation of assembly instructions, product manuals, manufacturing information, and other downstream deliverable quickly and easily by both engineers and non-engineers can by done using SOLIDWORKS Technical Communications applications.
     Detailed technical illustrations, animations, product communication, and interactive 3D experiences can be easily re-purposed with 2D and 3D content using SOLIDWORKS Composer.

     Model-based 3D (PMI) for integrated drawing-less manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS MBD.



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