Thursday, 7 May 2015

Design Validation on Special Purpose Machines (SPM)

Design validation is the process of ensuring the quality of Designed product, by conforming to user specifications and requirements. Special Purpose Machine (SPM) designers and Manufacturers produce tailor-made machine tools as dictated by their customers. Validation of these machines fall into two categories - Analytical and Physical.

Analytical methods include Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms and Free-Body Diagram. Physical testing include deflection measurements, strain gauging, vibration testing, measuring fluid flow parameters, temperature measurement, accelerated durability testing and frequency response measurements.

Virtual design validation simplifies the Conventional process and requires only a 3d CAD Model to validate product's mechanical resistance, durability, natural frequencies, heat transfer and buckling instabilities.

SPM design Challenges:
  • Increased design cycle time
  • Increased warranty costs and recall
  • Re-design
  • Material cost
  • Product quality and performance

Design validation on SPM is done to achieve the following :
  • Accelerated new product development cycle
  • Reduced prototyping costs through Virtual Testing
  • Improved product quality and performance
  • Ensured reliability and safety standards
  • Reduced risk by identifying hotspots in design
  • moulding/casting defects identification, weight reduction and load carrying capacity determination
  • Vibration reduction in embodiment and other machine modules like pneumatic and hydraulic systems, power packs, etc.,

Design validation benefits:
  • Design first time right
  • Virtual testing at early stage of design process
  • Reduced time consumption and costly prototyping
  • Design optimization and alternatives to offset the material cost
  • Study different alternatives
  • Performance improvement of complex mechanisms
  • Drop testing of handheld components
  • Instant compliance checks for safety
  • Optimized design for size, weight and efficiency

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