Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Improve your product performance, quality and reduce your prototyping costs

What is SolidWorks  Simulation?
SolidWorks Simulation virtually tests the product designs in real time conditions before manufacturing. With Simulation, designers and engineers can develop new concepts and innovate with design insights

Why SolidWorks Simulation?
SolidWorks Simulation helps the design engineers to validate for extreme loading conditions and various classes of materials in the real time conditions . It performs complex part and assembly problems within integrated SolidWorks environment.
The tool helps the designers to make the decision for their exact product requirement. Designers can concentrate on various factors like Stress, Strain, Displacement, Factor of Safety and Temperature Distribution to obtain the optimised product design. This tool will also validate for non linear and dynamic problems and vibration effects on the designs.

Benefits of SolidWorks Simulation
  • Reduce prototyping costs
  • Easily tackle the design changes
  • Can tackle warranty issues
  • Can effectively give the optimised design.
  • Improve their product quality and performance.

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