Thursday, 7 September 2017

Stack up Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Stack up Analysis is a mathematical calculation used to measure a gap and
interference value between parts in an Assembly due to variation in its form, orientation and location.
Stack up Analysis is an analytical reasoning tool used to decide the allowable value of interference or
gap between parts from the key perspectives of its functional requirements in an assembly and its

Why stack up is necessary

  • To ensure all the part fits together in assembly
  • To measure the Allowable value in form due to the variants in manufacturing
  • To understand the worst case of the fit and form of all parts in an assembly
  • For manufacturing the parts by assuring the allowable variation in size and location

SOLIDWORKS tolerance stack up analysis provides solution for finding the minimum and maximum
deviation and root sum squared (RSS) tolerance analysis.


  • Well understanding of the functional requirement of the each part in an assembly
  • Prevention of quality defects and improved product quality at its design stage
  • Cost reduction due to the optimized tolerance
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in time to market


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