Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How to create Effective Technical Documentation and Improve ROI using SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER

Clearly explain and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content that you can quickly create with SOLIDWORKS Composer software.

Traditional Challenges in Consumer Product Industry
  • Content creators are often working with different, cobbled together tools, including 2D CAD drawings, digital photography, and file translators.
  • Bottleneck to business growth and competitiveness
  • Too many manual steps to get to a finished document, and far too much back-and-forth activity.
  • Spend too much of time in Manual changes in product as well as technical communication documents
  • The whole process is therefore inefficient, slow, and disruptive to the Engineering Department and to the organization as a whole.
Intelligent Solutions for common pitfalls

1.Concurrent technical documentation

2.Design, Document, Deliver Easily
  • You can dramatically improve the quality, quantity, effectiveness, and customer appeal of your technical communication materials.
  • Automatically generating current Bills of Materials (BOMs) with the push of a button, for inclusion in proposals or assembly instructions.

3.Business benefits abound
  • Faster time to market. You can create documentation in parallel with product design and development, so products get to market faster.
4.Speed product success
  • Engineers can spend more time designing and more easily create technical documents to communicate their work.
  • Content creators can spend more time creating great content and less time chasing and updating data.
5.Automating manufacturing and assembly instructions

  • As manufacturing organizations strive to identify ways to,
      • save time
      • cut costs and
      • improve their competitiveness in global markets
  • Your company can realize shorter times-to-market, improved operational efficiencies, and good quality documentation.
  • More cost savings and also realize significant ROI within the first year.
  • Manufacturers can improve profit margins, achieve faster times-to-market, and increase sales related to better customer education