Thursday, 26 April 2018


Design Challenges Faced in Power and Process Industry
  1. Optimizing work flow for specialized domains such as piping, tubing and welding.
  2. Errors in design resulting in engineering rework and delays
  3. A bottleneck appears when overlooking a entire product which was developed under various CAD Software due to various constrains
  4. Unexpected Failure faced at higher pressure operation
  5. The life of the product not able to predict, due to that maintenance overtime and process productivity is critical

Addressing these Challenge through SOLIDWORKS Solutions.
  1. In SolidWorks we don’t need to spend our time on designing standard parts and components, where all the standard components are available in design library itself which can be obtained by simple drag and drop. For further validation of the product those standard can be directly fetched in SolidWorks Simulation.

Fig1: Design Library

  1. SOLIDWORKS helps to eliminate the rework in design process by using design table automation, DriveworksXpress and customized integrated automation solutions.
  2. Now with SOLIDWORKS you can import and export different types of cad files and neutral file formats.

Fig2:supported File Formats

  1. Failure can be avoided by predicting different pressure operation at various temperatures for the given Product in the development Stage itself.

Fig3:Displacement analysis

  1. The life and damage of the product would be predicted depending upon its working cycle over a period of time. Through the process, we can pre-schedule maintenance so that process productivity will be efficient.

Fig4: Fatigue analysis
Benefits of SOLIDWORKS using Power &Process industry
  • Eliminate reworks and save your time.
  • Reduce development cost & overall cast of the design.
  • Easily automated the layout design in full plant
  • The repeated documentation can be reduced.
  • Validation of designs for efficiency and performance.

Customer Voice:
We spent so much time trying to communicate design intent in 2D drawings—time that is completely eliminated when you present a realistic 3D rendering of a concept using SOLIDWORKS”
- Gary Hager 
Senior Project Manager/Engineer


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