Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Integration of SOLIDWORKS Revision Table with SOLIDWORKS PDM

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 can now read and write values from or to a SOLIDWORKS revision table. You can configure SOLIDWORKS PDM variables to automatically add information such as revision date, description, and approver to a new row in the table or to update the last row.

Step 1: Configure Revision Table Integration

1. In the administration tool, expand SOLIDWORKS and open the Revision Table node.
2. Enable the check box “Enable Revision Table”
  1. Set the number of visible rows in the revision table.
  2. Enter the place holder text you wish to be shown when you manually add a new revision table row in SOLIDWORKS.

Step 2: Mapping variables to the Revision Table

Each revision table column that you wish to update via PDM must be mapped to data card variable.

To configure the variable mapping:

  1. In the administration tool,expand the variable node.
  2. Select the variable to update.
  3. Click “New Attribute”
  4. Add a new block named “SWRevTable”
  5. The “Attribute Name” field will switch to a drop list,listing the five default revision table columns.Select the appropriate attribute that should be mapped to the variable.
  6. Type “slddrw” in the extension field.
When you change the mapped variable values in the file's data card, the values in the latest row of the table are updated and vice versa.

Step 3: Automatically update revision table row

The revision table row can be updated automatically by two methods:
  1. Set Variable transition actions.
  2. Set Revision command.
Step 3.1: Configure the workflow to automatically update revision table row

The revision table in a drawing can be updated via workflow transition actions that update variables mapped to the “SWRevTable” block.

1.In the administration tool,expand the workflow node and open the appropriate workflow.
2.Select the transition that is used to set a revision on the drawing.
3.Add a “Set variable” transition action that updates the variable linked to the SWRevTable mapping for the Revision column in the revision table.

Add “Set Variable” actions for each revision table column that you wish to update at the same time the revision is set.

Step 3.2:Configure Set Revision command to automatically update revision table row

To update the revision table via the manual “Set Revision” command
  1. In the administration tool,expand SOLIDWORKS and open the “Revision Table” node.
  2. Select the “Set Revision Command Settings tab”.
  3. Enable the check box “Update Revision Table in SOLIDWORKS Drawing through “Set Revision” command
To update the “Revision” column in the revision table,enable the check box

The revision column will use the revision value that the Set Revision command sets on the file.

The “Variable Name” drop list will display all variables that have a “SWRevTable” mapping.Select the variable that contains the revision value on the drawing Data card.

To update the other column(Description, Date, Approver) enable the checkbox and In “Column Value”,enter a static text or select from the options in the drop list what value the revision table column should be updated with.

Note: The command will only add a new revision row with the values when you use the “Update Variable” option in the Set Revision command.


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