Monday, 15 October 2018

Innovative Textile Machine Design Using SOLIDWORKS

          Textile Machine Design Textile machine manufacturers need to innovate and implement various industry trends to make day to day productivity even more faster.

Latest Trends in Textile Machine

• Develop and standardize new product development in a shorter time
• Reduce/eliminate physical prototypes

• Improve reliability, accuracy and repeatability
• Implement latest trends and technologies to make time to market even more faster

Challenges faced by Textile


• Reduce number of physical prototypes
• Improve reliability to avoid costly warranty work
• Find out fit, form functionality before assembly
• Mechanism and structural design failure cause much problem while assembly
• Design changes and revision control is a tedious process
• Large assembly and drawing creation takes much time to complete

SOLIDWORKS Solutions Proposed

• SOLIDWORKS is a source to make concept model in to 3D and evaluate during design stage

• Integrated solution to create, analyze and make CAD changes frequently without design errors
• Manufacturing feasiblity can also be ensure during intial stage of product development
• Integrate design and manufacturing in one application to make effective NC programming
• Shaft failure simulation and life predictions in textile machineries
• Deflection and stiffness calculations for large environmental equipment’s
• Ensure structural safety and stability through static analysis
• Life expectancy calculations for dryers (static and rotary), rotating equipment’s and load-bearing members.
• Cost reduction is possible through virtual validation of entire machine - at the Design Stage itself

Benefits of Implementing SOLIDWORKS 

• Reduced design cycles by more than 30%
• Ability to share drawings, images and documentation
• Advanced assembling functions, versatility, and flexibility
• Analysis conducted parallel with development work
• Streamlined the handling of design changes
• SolidWorks Simulation helps to avoid errors and enhance performance

SOLIDWORKS Customer Testimonial:

“The improvements to our product development process that SOLIDWORKS has enabled allow us to support growth of more than 500 percent.”
- Mr. Jorge Smart Cruz Arenal, Director General